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Overgrowth clearing - brambles - weed control - long grass cutting - hedge maintenance - Litter and fly tipped waste disposal

The majority of our works consist of; Grounds tidy-ups and clearing for business clients across the Northwest

Real Estate compaines - Warehouses - Factories - Office blocks - Distribution centres etc

Pest and vermin prevention.


Hedges are a great feature of any grounds but they can also be great homes for vermin, especially when near food premisies. This was a relatively large well established hedge over 10 feet tall, 4 feet thick and the lenth of the carpark. The client had reported a problem of rats in and around the area and pest control couldn't take appropriate action due to the hedge. Once we had cut back the majority of the hedge it exposed a large amount of gathered litter as well as the obvious sigins of vermin habbitats. We fully cleared this area and it is now a simple grassed section, making it easier to maintain, manage litter and pest control.

Overgrowth restricting right of way and sigh visiblity.


This site at an industrial estate in Runcorn was left neglected for many years. Overgrowth had grown through the fence, cut off access to the public footpath and was covering trafic signs, resulting in the local council not being very happy. The real estate company who had recently aquired the site requested us to clear this area as a matter of priority, then move on to clearing the rest of the site in prepration for letting. We cleared the area on a Sunday when traffic was light and when inspected by the local council the following day they were more than happy. 

Grounds/field clearing at a wildlife educational centre in Bolton 


This is just a small section of an educational centre based on a farm in Bolton, the owners were overwhelmed with the amount of grass cutting thats needed to keep the fields accessible to students. When we first arrived we found large areas filled will natural overgrowth upto 6 feet tall and completely unusable. After 6 days of hard work, the fields are now usable and managable, allowing the client to expand their services and take on more students. 6 days worth of work from us, has lead to long term expansion and investment to the client.