Heres a little about us

Proud to be Independent

We are proud to be a small independent family operator with a proven track record to take on and successfully complete works that are normally the reserve of the larger, more expensive national operators.

We operate on a reginal basis covering Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire & West Yorkshire.

We utilise a fleet of well-maintained equipment of the same makes and models of any national operator including local councils.


And in the Beginning

B.O.S was started by me: Mr D Grimshaw in early 2004 on a very low budget with limited equipment, paid for by my early gritting contract. I primarily undertook garden maintenance work to domestic households with the occasional tidy-up job. Within 18 months with help from family I successfully gained 215 regular customers on my books with a handful of public houses and bulk landlord properties.

Unfortunately, the business was hit hard by the 2008 credit crunch & double recession that followed. This left us with only a handful of customers most of whom couldn’t afford to pay their bills. During this period, I noticed a need in the market for garden & grounds tidy-ups & clearances as well as commercial maintenance. So, in the winter of 2010 all domestic maintenance was discontinued, and the primary focus of the business became one-off tidy-ups/clearances & commercial property grounds maintenance. All our pervious equipment was inadequate and subsequently scraped and a risky investment began in commercial spec equipment with the investment once again coming from my own in-income as a sub-contractor gritter, I basically cleared my bank account & during a time of recession & uncertainty this was a tremendously high risk move.

To disconnect the business from its previous incarnation, a new branding name of: Maintenance51 was adopted.

This change of focus has proved a success over the years with a list of successfully completed works for a range of commercial customers some of which are national & international brands.


Present Day

What’s in a name? I made the decision to drop the Maintenance51 branding and bring back to the fore B.O.S. this is not a tale of go bust and start again as this is an independent business not an LTD. It’s a simple case of I hated the brand name & I wanted B.O.S to be the known successful & trusted name.


Now once again there is uncertainty within our economic climate but despite this B.O.S continues to invest in its business (what else can be done) the world is still turning, and the bills still arrive on time so things MUST continue as normal. We have the common sense policy of: Leave the politics for the politicians to argue over, business big and small needs to keep its cool and continue or fail, THAT’S CERTAINTY within uncertainty.

B.O.S survived the 2008 credit crunch & recession with limited resources now in 2019 we have a proven track record along with a large list of friends and connections within the industry. We are stronger but we need your custom to continue, your business is our business & we value all as one.


D Grimshaw

B.O.S Grounds.

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